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Request support and/or respond to request for support; change or end existing support order; how to pay an order, how to collect an order

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Keep in mind, California is a “no fault” divorce state, meaning that a spouse or domestic partner seeking a divorce need not prove their spouse or domestic partner is at fault. This is referred to as “irreconcilable differences.”

Filing and responding to a legal separation, request of necessary documents required for legal status, gives the court power to decide any and all issues related to the marriage, proper filings and documents with the court

       Prenuptial Agreement

Compilation or review of contract prior to marriage or civil union; provisions for division of property, support and guardianship; sunset provisions, distribution

Agreement between the parents, ask for custody order, responding to custody order, change or enforce an order, mediation, domestic violence and its effects on custody rights

Explanation and reasons for annulment, statute of limitations and deadlines, rights and obligations related to children, property, debt and possible “putative” status

Agreement between the parents, ask for child support, respond to request for child support; change, pay or collect child support

Marriage and domestic partnership filing for divorce, responding to a divorce, summary dissolution, mediation

       Child Custody and Visitation


      Property and Debt  Distribution  

       Child Support

Resolution, division and ownership

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